DCV Events & Catering


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DCV Events & Catering is a catering firm bearing 25 years’ experience. Famous chefs both from the national and international scope form a varied team that provide an array of different gastronomic concepts: traditional Portuguese cuisine, multicultural and fusion.

DCV Events & Catering suggests three outstanding venues: the Colares Regional Wine Cellar, a building that dates back to the end of the 19th century, the Colares Conservatory inspired on the vintage greenhouses of Sintra and the Casa dos Penedos designed by architect Raul Lino, in the center of Sintra.

Its main customers are tour operators, event organizers, a long list of national and international corporations from different business areas, as well as private institutions and clients.

Address : Alameda Coronel Linhares de Lima, nº 24 a 32

2705-351, Colares